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Commercialization Webinars - Archived

Commercialization strategies for pharmaceuticals or medical device development are changing constantly, due to the current commerical success rate for pharma, biotech and medical device industries, as well as the often referenced, looming patent cliff. Commercialization topics are covered in a wide range of webinars on this page - from pharmacoeconomics, access challenges and strategic alliances, to employing drug models to determine commericalization strategy. The commercialization webinars listed here are recordings of past events. Simply register, for free, for any webinar by clicking the download archive button on each webinar page. If commericialization is to broad a term, don’t forget, you can search our webinar catalog using the search bar, or, if you’re looking for something different, browse through our other topics.

  Synopsis Webinar Title Date

LifeScience - The speaker will share his experiences in developing PCI’s serialization technology platform, along with developing and executing PCI’s strategy for supplying commercial serialized products to domestic and emerging markets across the globe
Speaker: Ian Parsonage, Senior Director, Global Serialization Services (Global Engineering), PCI Pharma Services
Pharmaceutical Serialization – Best Practices for Global Commercial Supply in an Evolving Market Jun 29, 2017

LifeSciences - With the practical application of advanced data management capabilities and processes, meaningful analytics are now possible in the new world of converged health and life sciences
Speakers: Dan Soceanu, Senior Data Management Solution Architect, SAS
Bill Shimp, Healthcare Data Management Account Executive, SAS
Tame Your Health Data and Build Meaningful Analytics Nov 16, 2015

LifeSciences - This webinar will explore what’s happening in the payer space today, the impetus for this change, and the potential outlook of the health insurance landscape in the future
Speakers: Cathy Carroll, PhD, MA, MBA, BSPharm, Senior Director of Managed Markets/Market Access, Commercial Consulting, Xcenda
Nina Ohara, PharmD, MBA, MS, RPh, Director, Commercial Client Strategy Team, Xcenda
Insurance Megamergers: How Will They Impact Manufacturers’ Commercialization Strategy? Oct 15, 2015

LifeSciences - The presenter will draw on his industry experience to provide an example of how a strategic alliance can help form an end to end solution that will reduce the complexity of drug/device development and accelerate the route to market
Speaker: Richard Fazackerley, Technical Director, Aesica Pharmaceuticals
Using Strategic Partnership for Value Creation from Early Stage Development to Manufacture Oct 5, 2015

LifeSciences - In this webinar, the successful development and commercialization of companion diagnostics (CDx) will be discussed by experts from Covance and LabCorp.
Speakers: Mark Roberts, Ph.D., Director of Diagnostics Development, Covance
Alan Wookey, Associate Vice President and Executive Director of Companion Diagnostics, Covance
Pathway Considerations to CDx Development and Commercialization Jun 30, 2015
LifeSciences - The webinar will provide a case study and discuss how to rapidly develop customized, reliable manufacturing processes
Speaker: Stewart McNaull, PhD, Director, Development and Technical Services, FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologes U.S.A., Inc.
Tools for Achieving Robust Process Design with Early Phase Process Development May 20, 2015
In this webinar, the speakers will use their compiled and individual data to outline and review the pharmaceutical market from the vantage point of chemical molecules and present an overview of the API market
Speakers: Dr. Matthew Moorcroft, VP of Global Marketing and Communications, Cambrex
Dr. Jan Ramakers, Director, Jan Ramakers Fine Chemical Consulting Group
Resurgence of the Small Molecule API Market - An Industry Primer Mar 5, 2015
Viewers will take away vital new perspectives and tools that can be used to achieve the levels of accelerated clinical and commercial development and cooperation that are critical to success in today’s environment
Speakers: Jeff Trotter, President, Continuum Clinical
Neil Weisman, Executive Vice President, Patient Recruitment, Continuum Clinical
Jeff Kent, Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs and Health Outcomes, Horizon Pharma
Elaine Ferguson, Executive Vice President, Medical Communications, Continuum Clinical
Optimizing Late-Stage Clinical and Commercial Development: The Benefits and Challenges of Bridging the Gap Feb 3, 2015
As the paradigm shift in drug development continues to drive unsustainable costs, biopharmaceutical companies must lift the veil on true sponsor vs. CRO operating costs
Speakers: Kenneth A. Getz, MBA, Director of Sponsored Research Programs & Research Associate Professor, Tufts University
Samir Shah, Chief Operating Officer of Strategic Solutions division, PRA Health Sciences
Pharma’s Productivity Challenge – Unraveling the Mystery of True Sponsor and CRO Operating Cost Comparisons Dec 8/14
The session will include a hands-on workshop using a simple ITC tool requiring no technical experience
Speaker: Marie Maxime Hubert, M.Sc., Health Economics and Outcomes Research Manager, JSS Medical Research
Indirect Treatment Comparisons and Network Meta-analyses for Managers and Directors: Concept & Application Using a Non-technical, User-friendly Tool Oct 14/14
Join experts from Covance in a five-part webinar series that explores critical aspects of pharmaceutical development to help you accelerate your drug development success
Speaker: William Hanlon, PhD, VP, Head of Global Regulatory Affairs, Covance
Insights on Improving Global Drug Development from Bench to Commercialization
Part 2: Starting with the End in Mind: Regulatory Strategy from the Beginning
Jun 26/14
This webinar focuses on the relationship between Infinity Pharmaceuticals and INC Research as a case study in how Pharma and CROs can successfully make this transition
Speakers: Maria Makarovskaya, Clinical Outsourcing Lead, Infinity Pharmaceuticals
David Burnham, Vice President, Strategic Alliances INC Research
Innovation in Strategic Alliances: Moving from Transactional Outsourcing to a Partnership Jun 25/14
This webinar will examine the evolving payer and health technology assessment (HTA) landscape
Speakers: Trent McLaughlin, BSc (Pharm), PhD, Vice-President, Xcenda
Marie-Josee Martel, PhD, Director, Xcenda
Current and Future Access Challenges for Specialty and Biotechnology Products Jun 9/14
Five considerations are discussed to optimize the budget impact analysis’ methodology
Speaker: Marie Maxime Hubert, M.Sc., Manager, Health Economics and Outcomes Research, JSS Medical Research Inc.
Pharmacoeconomics: Five Simple and Effective Ways to Optimize Budget Impact Analyses and Obtain Drug Reimbursement Apr 1/14
The presenters will discuss the primary drivers of site costs, the correlation and impact of study complexity, plus case studies highlighting the benefits of better study planning
Speakers: Stella Stergiopoulos, Project Manager, Tufts Center of the Study of Drug Developtment (CSDD)
Vic DeSario, Director, Trial Planning Solutions, Medidata Solutions
Data-driven Site Negotiations: Fast Track to Fair Market Value (FMV) Nov 25/13
In this short, 40 minute webinar viewers will learn about how the Archimedes Model was applied by Eli Lilly and Company to prioritize early stage compounds for development
Speaker: Badri Rengarajan, MD, Medical Director, Archimedes, Inc.
Market Access and Pipeline Development – How Healthcare Modeling Can Make a Difference Nov 22/13
Discover the flexibility and efficiencies offered through an FSP partnership
Speaker: Bryan Haas, Pharm.D., Vice President, Functional Service Partnerships, PPD
FSP Answered: How New Partnership Models are Shaping Client-Provider Relationships Oct 22/13
The speaker will present a unique cooperation between IMS GrantPlan and Greenphire’s eClinical GPS that delivers powerful reporting and analytics on costs throughout a clinical trial, allowing you to stay informed as never before
Speakers: Sam Whitaker, CEO, Greenphire
John Humphreys, Senior Product Manager, IMS Health
Investigator Payments: Handling the Entire Process from Initial Budget to Payment Reconciliation Sep 30/13
This webinar will examine the need for more oversight in pharmaceutical advertising and promotion, and review the basic regulations and guiding principles
Speaker: Moulakshi (Mou) Roychowdhury, PharmD, JD, Director of Regulatory Affairs – Global Advertising & Labeling, Forest Laboratories

Drug Advertising and Promotion Labeling: FDA Regulations

Jun 21/13

Learn how to optimize your product launch by first understanding and addressing the needs of all your key stakeholders and then organizing all the launch activities
Speaker: Troy Hampton, MBA, Senior Director, Global Market Access and Commercialization, Quintiles
Optimize Your Product Launch in a Multi-Stakeholder Environment Jun 20/13
A discussion of the clinical research scenario in S.E. Asia including market opportunity, registration, new regulatory and safety guidelines
Speakers: Dr. Shariq Anwar, Head of Operations, Max Neeman International
Donald Swankie, MBA, Vice President, USA, Max Neeman International
S.E. Asia Drug/Device Update: Market Potential and Regulatory Environment Jun 6/13
The webinar will examine the objectives of PMOS and Phase IV studies, possible designs, benefits, disadvantages and challenges
Speaker: John S. Sampalis, B.Sc., B.A. (Hon.), M.Sc., Ph.D., F.A.C.E., Founder, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer, JSS Medical Research Inc.
Post-Marketing Observation Studies (PMOS) and Phase IV Studies Jun 5/13
LifeSciences This webinar will examine highlights of the draft guidance issued in late 2011 by the FDA entitled: “A Risk-based Approach to Monitoring” and will provide examples of potential cost savings and increased efficiencies gained by implementing a risk-based monitoring approach
Speakers: Keith Howells, SVP Development, OmniComm Systems, Inc.
Becky (Causey) Carpenter, VP of Operations, ResearchPoint Global
Challenges and Opportunities in Risk-based Approach to Monitoring Mar 12/13
LifeSciences Our speakers will discuss how to develop and implement a true partnership through an FSP outsourcing model – characterized by long term goals, integration of operations and leadership and optimized delivery based on portfolio transparency, dedicated resourcing, INC’s Trusted Process and innovation in process and technology.
Speakers: Andrew S. Townshend, Vice President of Alliance Development, INC Research
Peter Carberry, Senior VP, Global Development Operations, Astellas Pharma Global Development Inc.
Strategic Alliance Partnerships: Development of a Successful FSP Relationship Oct 24/12
LifeSciences Topics include a discussion of different models available to commercialisation, IVD and Regulated Laboratory Developed Test (LDT), scalable commercialization pathways, and strategies to reduce CDx development timelines by up to 12 months. Recent case studies with FDA submissions will also be cited to demonstrate a different approach.
Speaker: Alan Wookey, Executive Director, Companion Diagnostics, LabCorp
Companion Diagnostics (CDx): Accelerating the Path to Commercialization Feb 1/12
LifeSciences This program will provide overview and key lessons in leveraging India as a strategic venue for research, as well as post market approval in a growing economy whose in-country population is 1.3 Billion
Speakers: Ajoy Kumar, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Max Neeman International
Donald Swankie, MBA, Vice President, USA, Max Neeman International
Increase Firm Value thru Commercialization of Cardio Drug & Device in India Oct 12/11
Healthcare In this webinar David Eddy, MD. PhD. will demonstrate ARCHeS Innovator, a software as a service (SaaS) that enables researchers and decision makers to use many of the capabilities of the Archimedes Model over the web
Speaker: David M. Eddy, MD, PhD, Founder and Chief Medical Officer Emeritus, Archimedes
DEMO: ARCHeS Innovator May 31/11
LifeSciences Our speaker panel from Swiftwater Group LLC will discuss what works and what doesn’t in dealing with vendors, whether the vendors are CROs, CMOs, Quality Assurance/Control Consultants, or Bioanalytical vendors
Speakers: Tom Fritz, Managing Partner / Chris Seifarth, Associate Partner / Agnes Cobbum, Associate Principal /William J. Miller, Ph.D., Senior Manager
Managing Vendors: Tips and Tricks for Pharma and Biotech Companies to Get What You Need While Cutting Costs May 18/11
Healthcare In this webinar Dr. Eddy will describe and illustrate data sources and methods for deriving equations for physiological pathways and the occurrence of diseases, as well as methods for validating the equations
Speaker:David M. Eddy, MD, PhD, Founder and Chief Medical Officer Emeritus, Archimedes
Healthcare Modeling Part 5: How the Archimedes Model Works – Derivation of Equations Oct 6/10
LifeSciences This webinar will explore what clinical delivery alliances are and the value alliance partnership models bring to the drug development process from both the sponsor and CRO perspective
Speakers: Tim Dietlin, Vice President of Alliance Development, INC Research
David Gillogly, Global Head, Clinical Contracting and Category Management, Novartis
The Value of Strategic Alliances vs. Transactional CRO-Sponsor Relationships Sept 15/10
Healthcare In this webinar Dr Eddy will explain how the Archimedes Model is formulated, how physiology is modeled, how patient behavior is modeled, sources and methods for deriving equations, how utilization and costs are calculated, and how the Model is validated
Speaker:David M. Eddy, MD, PhD, Founder and Chief Medical Officer Emeritus, Archimedes
Healthcare Modeling Part 4: How the Archimedes Model Works and is Validated Feb 11/10
LifeSciences This webinar will present ideas for creating, promoting and optimizing online videos for training, sales, and technical support of products
Speakers: Vinnie Martorano, VP of Sales, Sheldon MFG
Ben Friedle, Principal, Outlier Solutions
Online Video Training and Promotion in the Scientific and Industrial Markets Jan 28/10

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