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Pharma Manufacturing and Supply Chain Webinars - Archived

There are a wide range of topics covered under “pharma manufacting and supply chain” - from transportation challenges and the latest RFID technology, to temperature controlled systems and multi-product GMP facilities. The pharmaceutical manufacting and supply chain webinars listed here are recordings of past events. Simply register, for free, for any webinar by clicking the download archive button on each webinar page. If “pharma manufacturing and supply chain” is to broad a term, don’t forget, you can search our webinar catalog using the search bar, or, if you’re looking for something else, browse through our other topics.

  Synopsis Webinar Title Date

LifeScience -  In this session, you will learn about Systech’s ability to create trusted uniqueness in every product, and how this idea is central to a modern approach to brand protection
Speaker: Jim Sinisgalli, Director of Product Management and Brand Protection, Systech
Why Making Every Product Truly Unique is the Key to Modern Brand Protection Sep 6, 2017

LifeScience -  Learning points include implementing an effective manufacturing control strategy and the benefits when designed in a cross-divisional approach
Speaker: Steve Murray, Principal Consultant, Werum IT Solutions America, Inc.
Data Integrity and the Manufacturing Control Strategy for Life Sciences Manufacturers Jul 19, 2017

LifeScience - This webinar will discuss the Quality by Design process as it relates to logistics and evaluate its benefits
Speaker: Mark W. Sawicki, Ph.D., Chief Commercial Officer, Cryoport
Integrating Equipment Design, Logistics Processes and Real-Time Informatics: The Arrival of QbD in Pharmaceutical Logistic Jul 11, 2017

LifeScience - The speaker will share his experiences in developing PCI’s serialization technology platform, along with developing and executing PCI’s strategy for supplying commercial serialized products to domestic and emerging markets across the globe
Speaker: Ian Parsonage, Senior Director, Global Serialization Services (Global Engineering), PCI Pharma Services
Pharmaceutical Serialization – Best Practices for Global Commercial Supply in an Evolving Market Jun 29, 2017

LifeScience - Pharmaceutical manufacturers are scrambling to meet Serialization deadlines, most notably in the USA and EU, and many have already. But even when you serialize, the reality of product diversion still exists. How can we leverage your serialization investment to combat ever-increasing product diversion?
Speaker: Joe Lipari, Director of Cloud Products, Systech International
Serialized? Yes. But are Products Still Being Diverted? Jun 21, 2017

LifeSciences - Attend this webinar to get up to speed with serialization regulations quickly and effectively for long term compliance & success
Speakers: Carlos Machado, Serialization Director, SEA Vision US
Paolo Landriani, Product Manager, SEA Vision Italy
Serialization for Late Starters – With Live Industry Research Results May 2, 2017

LifeSciences - In this webinar, the importance of an integrated development of both the spray dried intermediate (SDI) and the formulation, is highlighted
Speakers: João Henriques, MSc, Team Leader, Hovione
Pedro Valente, PhD, Scientist, Hovione
Formulating Amorphous Solid Dispersions: Bridging Particle Engineering and Formulation Apr 6, 2017

LifeSciences - Join the speaker as he discusses a layered and holistic approach to brand protection. This webinar topic includes serialization, as well as additional measures that can be taken through global inspectors, overt and covert packaging modifications, and an emerging ability for authentication using cloud technologies and smart devices.
Speaker: Jim Sinisgalli, Director of Product Management and Brand Protection, Systech
Will Serialization Compliance Alone Protect Your Brand? Mar 22, 2017

LifeSciences - This webinar will provide tips not only for quick, pain-free implementation as you’re assessing your DSCSA compliance readiness today, but will also help you lay a solid foundation for your serialized workflow that will provide benefits for many years to come
Speakers: Tim Donelon, Director of Quality and Validation, Verify Brand
Haris Kamal, Senior Vice President, Verify Brand
Scott Pugh, Solution Architect, Verify Brand
Assess Your Compliance Readiness: Tips for DSCSA Implementation – Faster, Easier and Done Right Mar 15, 2017

LifeSciences - This webinar will address the necessity of serialization from market compliance to business supply, covering all aspects from line choice and regulation approach to management of data and related products
Speaker: Mario R. Scigliano, Serialization & Automation Manager, Corden Pharma Latina S.p.A.
From Market Compliance to Business Supply: The Necessity For Serialization Mar 8, 2017

LifeSciences -The speaker will demonstrate how pharmaceutical manufacturers can benefit from desiccant dehumidification solutions regardless of the local climatic conditions
Speaker: Martin Ginty, Industry Manager, Pharmaceutical, Munters GmbH
Are Humidity Fluctuations Compromising Your Capsule Quality? Mar 7, 2017

LifeSciences - In this third webinar, the speaker will discuss the challenges of serialisation and how serialisation capability could be developed to address future needs
Speaker: Catherine Kay, Operations Director, Aesica Pharmaceuticals
Webinar Series: Routes to Address the Real Challenges in Serialisation
Part 3: Pharmaceutical Serialisation – Opportunities and Aggregation in the Future
Jan 31, 2017

LifeSciences - Part 2 of this series discuss will discuss serial numbers and the corresponding details of Aesica's serialisation solution
Speaker: Ralf Liedke, PhD, IT Director Germany, Aesica Pharmaceuticals
Webinar Series: Routes to Address the Real Challenges in Serialisation
Part 2: Serialisation Data Integration – Drug Safety, Security and The Whole IT Picture
Jan 24, 2017

LifeSciences - In this first part of the series the speaker will discuss the industry's preparedness for serialisation legislation and Aesica's serialisation solution, from concept to delivery
Speaker: Christian Groß, Manager Packaging Technology and Project Manager Serialisation, Aesica Pharmaceuticals
Webinar Series: Routes to Address the Real Challenges in Serialisation
Part 1: Pharmaceutical Serialisation – The Challenges We, As a CDMO, Are Facing
Jan 17, 2017

LifeSciences - This webinar will discuss the collection of E/L data that are useful and relevant to risk assessment
Kevin Connor, Ph.D., DABT,, Study Director, Toxikon Corporation
Toxicological Risk Assessment Based on Extractable/Leachable (E/L) Data: Benefits and Limitations Nov 9, 2016

LifeSciences -  Hear how Bioclinica’s Optimizer tool can help optimize logistics strategy, forecast and plan a study
Speaker: Casey Ferrier, Director of Supply Chain Management, eHealth Solutions, Bioclinica
What Value Does Forecasting and Demand Planning Technology Bring to the Management of the End-to-end Clinical Supply Chain? Nov 3, 2016

LifeSciences - Learn how clinical supplies professionals are working behind the scenes to bring these complex devices through clinical development
Speakers: Shawn Regits, Process Engineering Manager, Fisher Clinical Services
Guido Hunkeler, Director Engineering & Automation, Fisher Clinical Services
Key Tips to Sharpen Your Clinical Trial Packaging Strategy for Prefilled Syringes Nov 3, 2016

LifeSciences - Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are under constant pressure to increase efficiencies, bring new products to the market faster, reduce prices, deliver innovation, ensure patient compliance, and maintain business compliance. In this webinar, Esko will present 6 examples of what good looks like in the world of pharma packaging and labeling management.
Speaker: Mike Baird, Global Business Development - Pharma & Life Sciences, Esko
Packaging and Labeling Management Best Practices in Pharma Oct 27, 2016

LifeSciences - Utilizing RAIN RFID technology and an automated healthcare tracking solution, hospitals can now improve inventory visibility delivering immeasurable savings
Alan Brander, National Vice President of Sales & Marketing, TrackCore, Inc.
Joe Pleshek, CEO & President, Terso Solutions, Inc.
Jason Merrill, Materials Manager Surgery Services, St. Dominic Hospital
Shelly Bosworth, BSN, RN, CNOR, Coordinator Orthopedics, North Kansas City Hospital
The Universal Tissue and Implant Tracking Solution Integrated with RAIN RFID to Streamline Manual Processes Oct 25, 2016

LifeSciences - Join a panel of experts from Zenith Technologies and SEA Vision, plus guest speaker Terry Crawford, Serialization Technical Manager at GSK, as they discuss the pharmaceutical latest track and trace regulations and timelines. A current case study will be included. Overcoming the Challenges of Implementing Serialization Across a Diverse Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Environment Sep 20, 2016

LifeSciences -  The webinar will discuss challenges faced in setting up a shipper reuse program, the various reuse models that can be adopted, and the benefits of a successful program to the various parties involved.
Speaker: Royce Heap, Global Cold Chain Technology Lead, Fisher Clinical Services
Shipper Return & Reuse – Making It Work For Clinical Trials Sep 15, 2016

LifeSciences - The webinar, will focus on specific pharmaceutical case study examples that illustrate how to drive innovation through an enhanced data strategy
Speakers: Lisa J. Graham, Ph.D., P.E., CEO and Founder, Alkemy Innovation Inc.
Brian Crandall, Analytics Engineer, Seeq
Pharmaceutical Case Studies that Illustrate a Data Strategy for Developing Better Medicines Sep 13, 2016

LifeSciences -  The panel of speakers from Almac will utilise their experience to guide attendees through the EU orphan drug launch process, from submitting Marketing Application (MA) to final distribution of drug product to the end-user
Speakers: David McCoubrey, Senior Regulatory Affairs Scientist / Orla Hartnett, Qualified Person / Michael Rooney, Senior Business Support Manager / Emma Jordan, Distribution Manager
Key Considerations for a Successful EU Orphan Drug Launch Sep 8, 2016

LifeSciences - In this webinar, the presenter will show how pharmaceutical packaging and labelling complexity occurs, what the consequences are of inaction, most importantly, what pharmaceutical companies can do to reduce and manage the process
Speaker: Mike Baird, Global Business Development - Pharma & Life Sciences, Esko
How to Manage Pharma Packaging Complexity Jul 19, 2016

LifeSciences - With a real-time healthcare system and the use of RFID-enabled solutions, imagine the possibilities that exist when all assets in your healthcare facility are connected
Speakers: Mark Van Sumeren, Managing Director, Health Industry Advisor, LLC
Joe Pleshek, CEO & President, Terso Solutions, Inc.
Improving the Operations and Delivery of Care through the Real-time Healthcare System Jun 9, 2016

LifeSciences - Learn about what you need to know to make the best decisions for your clinic and intended parents when planning an operational strategy for both storage and shipping of reproductive materials, domestically and internationally
Speakers: Tamie Joeckel, Senior Vice President of Client Services, Cryoport
Shannon Curiel, Director of Sales, Reproductive Medicine, Cryoport
Optimize Your IVF Clinic Operations: Facilitating Growth Through Cold Chain Management May 25, 2016

LifeSciences - This webinar will focus on what’s known about the proposed Medicare Part B drug payment model and what the implications are for pharmaceutical manufacturers
Speakers: Amanda Forys, MSPH, Director, Reimbursement Policy Insights, Xcenda
Jennifer Snow, MPH, Director of Health Policy, Xcenda
Part B Drug Payment Change: Understanding the Implications for Pharma Mar 28, 2016

LifeSciences - This presentation will focus on spray drying process development and will cover spray-drying equipment and scale-up of from the bench to pilot scale
Speaker: Jon Scrafford, Manager, Process Engineering, Pharmatek
Spray Dried Dispersion Process Development Mar, 10, 2016

LifeSciences - Topics include data driven formulation development and spray dried dispersions formulation development for early phase clinical studies
Speakers: Bryan Knox, Senior Director of Pharmaceutics, Pharmatek
Nathan Barksdale, Senior Scientist, Pharmatek
Product Development Strategies for Poorly Soluble Compounds Mar 3, 2016

LifeSciences - The presentation will help clinical operations teams navigate through two new 2016 regulatory imperatives, including clinical supply specific rules in the European Union and a new inspection strategy from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Speakers: Harry Berlanga, Lead Qualified Person (QP), Fisher Clinical Services
Maria Matos, DEA and Licenses Manager, Fisher Clinical Services
Asiya Imam, Director of Quality Assurance, Fisher Clinical Services
Regulatory Readiness for Clinical Trial Supplies Feb 23, 2016

LifeSciences - The speakers will discuss examples, implementation, features and benefits of an integrated approach to reduce recalls from pharmaceutical packaging errors
Speakers: Mike Baird, Global Business Development - Pharma & Life Sciences, Esko
Arpad Lehoczki, Senior Account Executive, Global Vision
Minimize the Risk of Recalls - The Cost of Poor Pharmaceutical Packaging Management Feb 18, 2016

LifeSciences - The presentation will include three examples of how regain control of your pharmaceutical packaging supply chain
Speaker: Mike Baird, Global Business Development - Pharma & Life Sciences, Esko
Brieann Beckner, Director of Pre-Sales Brand Owner, Esko
Gain Control of Your Packaging Supply Chain Nov 10, 2015

LifeSciences - This webinar will explore what’s happening in the payer space today, the impetus for this change, and the potential outlook of the health insurance landscape in the future
Speakers: Cathy Carroll, PhD, MA, MBA, BSPharm, Senior Director of Managed Markets/Market Access, Commercial Consulting, Xcenda
Nina Ohara, PharmD, MBA, MS, RPh, Director, Commercial Client Strategy Team, Xcenda
Insurance Megamergers: How Will They Impact Manufacturers’ Commercialization Strategy? Oct 15, 2015

LifeSciences - This presentation is designed to detail the similarities and differences between GMP controls for Rx and OTC products
Speaker: Eileen C. Nieto, CQA, Compliance Specialist, Compliance Insight, Inc.
Prescription and Over-the-Counter GMPs: Avoiding FDA Form 483 and Making the Best Decisions Oct 14, 2015

LifeSciences - The presenter will draw on his industry experience to provide an example of how a strategic alliance can help form an end to end solution that will reduce the complexity of drug/device development and accelerate the route to market
Speaker: Richard Fazackerley, Technical Director, Aesica Pharmaceuticals
Using Strategic Partnership for Value Creation from Early Stage Development to Manufacture Oct 5, 2015
LifeSciences - The webinar will provide a case study and discuss how to rapidly develop customized, reliable manufacturing processes
Speaker: Stewart McNaull, PhD, Director, Development and Technical Services, FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologes U.S.A., Inc.
Tools for Achieving Robust Process Design with Early Phase Process Development May 20, 2015
This webinar offers risk mitigation strategies for clinical supply professionals and those in key functional adjacencies
Speaker: Susan Diehl, Project Manager, Fisher Clinical Services
How to Avoid Breaking the Blind in Clinical Trials Mar 18, 2015
In this webinar, the speakers will use their compiled and individual data to outline and review the pharmaceutical market from the vantage point of chemical molecules and present an overview of the API market
Speakers: Dr. Matthew Moorcroft, VP of Global Marketing and Communications, Cambrex
Dr. Jan Ramakers, Director, Jan Ramakers Fine Chemical Consulting Group
Resurgence of the Small Molecule API Market - An Industry Primer Mar 5, 2015
This interactive webinar will review practical strategies, solutions and examples for keeping medical device supply chains responsive, aligned and optimized for today's changing landscape
Speakers: Dave Bode, Vice President, Health Care Solutions, DSC Logistics
Jeff Willis, Group General Manager - Health Care, DSC Logistics
Value Creation in the Medical Device Supply Chain: Strategies and Case Studies Feb 17, 2015
This presentation describes how Bend Research has created an integrated lab environment that capitalizes on the MAST platform to collect high density data sets for on-line analysis and predictive model generation
Speakers: Clint Pepper, Ph.D., Director, Bend Research, a division of Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions
Jeffrey Breit, Ph.D., Director, Bend Research, division of Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions
Moderator: David Lyon, Ph.D., Sr. Vice President of Research, Bend Research, a division of Capsugel Dosage Form Solution
Bioprocess Design and Operation: Enhanced Bioreactor Observability and Process Guidance Feb 10, 2015
The presenter will discuss definitions for bound residues and NER, explanations for their formation, regulatory approaches and guidance, and review case studies of experimental approaches and analytical techniques employed to answer both scientific and regulatory questions
Speaker: James Schmidt, Senior Scientific Advisor, ABC Laboratories
Strategies for Bound and Non-Extractable Residues in Laboratory Environmental Fate Studies Nov 6/14
This webinar will discuss how FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies’ cell line development and upstream process development platforms have been modified and optimized to develop customized, reliable manufacturing processes
Speakers: Alison Porter, PhD, Head of Mammalian Cell Culture R&D, FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies, Billingham, UK
Stewart McNaull, PhD, Director, Development and Technical Services, FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologes USA Inc.
From Gene to Manufacturing: Application of Efficient Cell Line Development Strategies to Deliver Reliable, High Quality Biomanufacturing Processes Dec 3/14
The presenters will share lessons learned, critical partnerships, permitting, tax and VAT implications, local labor considerations and other pertinent topics associated with execution of a successful project in a new environment
Speakers: Doug Tom Hendricks, Vice President, Fluor Industrial Services
Rob Bollenback, Project Director, Fluor Industrial Services
Stuart Mosby, Project Director, Fluor Industrial Services
Maximizing Production Capacity for Growth
Part 4: Designing and Building Production Facilities in New Markets
Nov 24/14
The presenter will examine the growth of pre-filled syringes, the factors contributing to this growth, and the key role technological advances in syringe assembly and labeling are playing in this expanding area
Speaker: Pamela Osborne, Senior Clinical Supply Chain Manager, Fisher Clinical Services
Pre-Filled Syringes in Clinical Trials Nov 6/14
The presenters will follow an imaginary high-value, temperature-sensitive healthcare shipment from the moment the products are loaded into your trucks for delivery
Speakers: Douglas Braund, Manager, Security, FedEx Custom Critical
Chris Swearingen, Marketing Manager, SenseAware, powered by FedEx
Identifying and Preventing Security Vulnerabilities and Temperatrue Excursions in Your Clinical Supply Chain Oct 23/14
This webinar will review the technical advantages of extrusion and spheronization, xxcipient selection for the extrusion process, examples of process equipment available in the industry, specifically at Xcelience, and dosage form examples
Speaker: Jeff Williamson, Manager, Pre-Formulation and Formulation Development, Xcelience
Exploring the Extrusion and Spheronization Process Oct 21/14
LifeSciences - This discussion will focus on the primary CMC requirements for a biopharmaceutical IND submission
Speaker: Glenn E. Petrie, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Advisor, ABC Laboratories
The Critical Role of CMC in Your IND Submission Oct 15/14
The webinar will discuss eBR as a key functionality for MES in the pharmaceutical Industry
Speaker: Andrew Whytock, Business Development Manager MES & Life Sciences, Siemens AG - Industry Sector
Discover Paperless Manufacturing with Electronic Batch Records (eBR) Sep 26/14
This webinar will explore the benefits, challenges and methodologies for using POD and Protocol Pooling philosophies
Speaker: Joseph G. Iacobucci,Vice-President, Clinical Supplies, Xcelience
Protocol Pooling & Point of Distribution (POD) Clinical Labeling Sep 3/14
The speakers will provide an examination of the Conceptual Design process and Cost Evaluation of capacity, single-use vs. multi-use operations, redundancy, planned expansion and modularity
Speakers: Carrier Li, Director in Global Asset Planning, Amgen
Bob Allen, Senior Director, Facilities Integration, Fluor Industrial Services
Craig Sandstrom, PhD, Director of Process Engineering, Fluor Industrial Services
Maximizing Production Capacity for Growth
Part 3: Defining Low Cost in Your Solution for Future Facilities
Aug 26/14
In this webinar, the speakers will examine how Cambrex works with large, mid-size, emerging and niche pharmaceutical companies to meet their changing small molecule needs and bring their products to market quickly
Speakers: Joe Nettleton, VP of Operations and Site Director, Cambrex Charles City
Bjarne Sandberg, Managing Director, Cambrex Karlskoga
Quality, Speed, Flexibility and Customer Focus in API Manufacturing: An Introduction of Cambrex through Customer Case Studies June 11/14
This webinar will explore the relationship between dry powder inhalers and hard capsules, how to match them together to give good powder aerosolization and delivery of the active ingredient deep into the lungs
Speakers: Brian E. Jones, Scientific Advisor, Qualicaps Europe S.A., Alcobendas (Madrid), Spain
Mauro Citterio, Director of R&D and Industrialization, Plastiape S.p.A.
Pulmonary Drug Delivery, Hard Capsules and Dry Powder Inhalers: Solving Development Challenges May 22/14
The presenter will provide insights on how to address these challenges, updates on regulatory requirements and examples of new technology that can assist with monitoring and compliance
Speaker: Euan Douglas, Global Project Director, Fisher Clinical Services
Extreme Transportation Challenges Apr 23/14
Find out how sponsors, CMOs and their integral partners are successfully using active units to support global clinical and commercial supply chain with industry best practices.
Speakers: James Klingelhoefer, Business Development Manager, World Courier
Tony Mistretta, Distribution Manager, Almac Clinical Services
Global Clinical and Commercial Supply Chain: Protecting Bulk Product with Active Temperature Controlled Systems Apr 8/14
Healthcare Learn how technology can assist VAMC’s & Hospital’s to not only meet regulatory requirements, but also provide savings and patient safety
Speakers: Alan J. Brander, RN BSN BSW MBA CHE HACP, Vice President of National Sales & Clinical Services, LPIT Solutions
Alisa Riebe, Terso Solutions, Inc.
Using RFID Technology to Compliantly Track Tissue and Implants Aug 22/13
LifeSciences An examination of recent advances in medical device technology, surgical procedures and tissue preservation that are revolutionizing the health care industry
Speakers: Peter Casady, CEO & President, Champion Medical Technologies
Joe Pleshek, CEO & President,Terso Solutions, Inc.
Best Practices for Tracking Tissue in the Healthcare Supply Chain May 23/13
LifeSciences Forward-thinking companies are now looking to the cutting edge in supply chain technology: sensor-based logistics (SBL). During this webinar, you will be provided with five questions to get ahead of the SBL trend and things to consider when getting a program off the ground
Speakers: Richard W. Horan, Vice President, Support Operations, med fusion
Chris Swearingen, Marketing Manager, FedEx
Sensor-Based Logistics for Life Science Supply Chains Apr 22/13
LifeSciences/Manufacturing During this webinar, the speakers will discuss how Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies has provided manufacturing flexibility under accelerated timelines on a cost-effective basis and how they compared process and product quality data for single use systems vs. stainless steel reactors, critical factors to consider when selecting the elements of the final (1000L) manufacturing train

Speakers: Stewart McNaull, Section Leader, Upstream Process Development, Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies, RTP, NC, USA
Bo Kara, Director of Science & Technology, Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies, Billingham, UK

Achieving Optimal Performance From Single Use Platforms: Elegant Process Design To Achieve Efficient and Economic Operational Flexibility in Multi-product GMP Facilities Mar 27
LifeSciences Join our speaker from Bristol-Myers Squibb, one of the first companies to understand the multiple benefits of item level serialization, as he examines serialization and its use in fighting counterfeit drugs
Speaker: Daljeet Sahni, AD EDO Engineering, Global Supply Chain, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Serialization in Pharmaceuticals

Feb 27/13

LifeSciences Learn how to dramatically enhance the value derived from outsourcing, without additional expense
Speakers: Wayland Rushing, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Advisor, ABC Laboratories
Thomas J. Wilson, Vice President of Quality, Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp.
Best Practices for Outsourcing Drug Development: The Human Elements of a Successful Relationship Jan 14/13
LifeSciences The purpose of this webinar is to discuss recent changes in regulatory requirements and their impact on the clinical supply chain, including the QP release process, considerations when using comparators, and cold chain/temperature sensitive materials
Speaker: Ronnie Constable, Director of Quality, Fisher Clinical Services
The Changing Role of the QP and Regulatory Challenges That Impact the Clinical Supply Chain Nov 14/12
LifeSciences During this webinar, you’ll get practical guidance from CMC experts on a stepwise approach to determining if, what type, and how much extractables/leachables data may be required to address the regulatory concerns
Speakers: Wayland Rushing, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Advisor, ABC Laboratories
Ken M. Wong, M.Sc., Senior Scientist, Center for Extractables and Leachables, Merck & Co.
Supply Chain Changes in Phase III/Post-Commercialization: Regulatory Considerations for Container/Closure Systems Nov 6/12
LifeSciences During this webinar, you’ll get practical guidance from CMC experts on how to avoid the most common development hiccups and E&L pitfalls related to container/closure selection and regulatory requirements
Speakers: Wayland Rushing, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Advisor, ABC Laboratories
Allan R. Moorman, Ph.D., President and Chief Operating Officer, Alta Vetta Pharmaceutical Consulting
You Have Received Extractables Information From Your Container/Closure Manufacturer. Now What? Oct 10/12
Healthcare This presentation will discuss best practices in laboratory automation and the benefits of RFID for laboratory inventory management
Speaker: Tim Sheehy, Global Director of Genomics, Promega Corporation
Best Practices in Laboratory Automation Aug 16/12
SupplyChain This session will help you understand supply chain issues surrounding consignment inventory, and offer real world examples of how RFID solutions have helped many organizations take control of their consignment inventory
Speakers:Jason Rosemurgy, Global Sales Director, Terso Solutions, Inc.
Patrick C. McCarthy, Esq., CEO, Validiti LLC
RFID: Removing the Complexity of Managing Consignment Inventory Sep 22/11
LifeSciences This webinar for Clinical Trial Supply professionals,  will help you plan ahead in order to reduce the risk involved in Cold Chain management practices
Speakers: Brian S. Hilton, Product Manager, Almac Clinical Services
Anthony Mistretta, Distribution Manager, Almac Clinical Services
Cold Chain Capabilities – Packaging, Labeling and Distribution Solutions for Your Organization Sep 8/11
Healthcare This webinar will review the resources available to medical developers to help create differentiated products and accelerate their time to market, including TI’s MSP430’s diverse portfolio of 16-bit ultra-low-power microcontrollers
Speaker:Rajesh Verma, Business Development Manager, Texas Instruments
Supporting Portable Medical and Instrumentation Design with the World’s Lowest Power Microcontroller Sep 14/10
LifeSciences Part 1 of this series examines Supplier Management: Improving Supplier Oversight and Product Quality Outcomes
Speakers: John C. (Jack) Garvey, Principal, Compliance Architects ®
Peter Miller, Senior Partner, Dynamic Compliance Solutions, Inc.
Enforcement Risk Reduction Approaches for FDA-Regulated Manufacturers - Part 1 Apr 28/10
LifeSciences This webinar will present ideas for creating, promoting and optimizing online videos for training, sales, and technical support of products
Speakers: Vinnie Martorano, VP of Sales, Sheldon MFG
Ben Friedle, Principal, Outlier Solutions
Online Video Training and Promotion in the Scientific and Industrial Markets Jan 28/10
LifeSciences This webinar will examine the current market and industry trends and discuss the latest innovative and automated technologies in clinical packaging and how they help improve time and cost efficiencies. You will also learn how companies are leveraging automation and innovation to achieve a more effective, efficient supply chain.
Speakers: Jim Miller, President, PharmSource
William Zeigler, Manager of Project Planning, Catalent Pharma Solutions
Peter Brun, Director, Clinical Supply Services, Catalent Pharma Solutions
Clinical Packaging: Driving Efficiencies Through Automation and Innovation Jan 26/10
IT RFID - Driving Collaboration With Suppliers and Providers: The presentations in this web seminar will highlight the emerging trends, business cases and application of RFID technologies that are driving a holistic collaboration between all healthcare supply chain stakeholders
Speakers: Joe Pleshek, President and CEO, Terso Solutions
Reik Read, Managing Director and Senior Supply Chain Analyst, Robert W. Baird & Co.
Hanns-Christian L. Hanebeck, Vice President, Professional Services, Venture Research Inc.
Michael McCartney, Managing Principal, QLM Consulting
Real Time Visibility for Healthcare Supply Chains Dec 9/09
LifeSciences A panel discussion of a flexible, cost effective approach for today's R&D and clinical supply leaders that accounts for the complexity of the global distribution of the clinical trial supplies
Speakers: Dr. Michael N. Eakins, Principal Consultant, Eakins & Associates
Martin Page, General Manager, Catalent Pharma Solutions
Andrew Willis, VP of Regulatory Affairs, Catalent Pharma Solutions
Phil Wilson, Director of Global Trade Operations, Supply Chain and Corp. Security, Catalent Pharma Solutions
Meeting the Challenges of Global Clinical Supply Chain Management Jan 27/09
LifeSciences This workshop is intended to highlight the key problems at a program level with existing performance improvement systems and to demonstrate solid solutions to those problems using a Lean Sigma framework
Speaker: Dr. Richard H. (Rick) Allen, Healthcare Practice Leader, Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, Inc.
SBTI Healthcare Webinar Series Part 3: Creating the Infrastructure for Successful Lean Sigma Integration Jan 13/09
LifeSciences This presentation will follow actual case examples from award winning Columbus Regional Hospital, including multiple hospital functions, such as imaging, laboratory and pharmacy
Speaker: Dr. Richard H. (Rick) Allen, Healthcare Practice Leader, Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, Inc.
SBTI Healthcare Webinar Series Part 2: Using Lean Sigma to Improve Patient Flow and Increase Capacity Nov 11/08
IT This webinar will provide you with the full RTLS picture, including detailed knowledge of ROI opportunities attainable with the right RTLS solutions. Featuring a case study presentation from Seton Medical Center.
Speakers: Terry Aasen, President & CEO, Sonitor Technologies
Jeffrey Falwell, Senior Project Consultant, Seton Medical Center / Dell Professional Services
Cathy Cocco, Business Development Executive, Sensors and Actuators Emerging Business Opportunity Group, IBM Healthcare & Life Sciences
USID - The Accurate RTLS Alternative to RFID Oct 21/08
SupplyChain This webinar features a series of case study presentations on the use of this RFID technology to automate the tracking of high value items at the point-of-use, and a discussion of the key things companies should consider before implementing a RFID cabinet or freezer solution
Speakers: Chris Fennig, ODIN technologies
Gordon Hamnett, Director of Global Development, Promega Corporation
Ryan Butterick, Global Inventory Planning Manager, Medtronic, Inc.
Dr. Adam Janette, San Luis Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Implant Center
Joe Pleshek, Director of Business Development, Sales, Terso Solutions
Using RFID Cabinets and Freezers to Protect and Manage High-Value Inventory Oct 2/08
LifeSciences Using the framework of a common hospital process problem and following a case example, learn how Lean and Six Sigma methods can be successfully applied in a healthcare environment to gain unprecedented results
Speaker: Dr. Ian Wedgwood, Executive Director, Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, Inc.
SBTI Healthcare Webinar Series Part 1: Introducing Lean Sigma to Drive Performance Improvements in Healthcare Aug 19/08
LifeSciences The key challenge areas associated with serializing distribution processes and best practices learned from the front line with early adopters
Speakers: Ann Grackin, Mangaging Director, Supply Chain Risk (RISC) Consulting, Marsh Advisors
John DiPalo, Senior Vice President, Product Development, Acsis
Mike Lipton, Director of Strategy for RIFD/Supply Chain Management, SAP Labs
James Dowden, Director, Distribution Services, Hoffman La-Roche
Best Practices for Serialized Distribution in Support of ePedigree Compliance Jan 31/08
LifeSciences Exploring cost-effective ways of maintaining integrity of biological and pharmaceutical products during transportation
Speaker: Clifford H. Harze, Consultant, C H Harze Pharmaceutical Distribution Consultant LLC
Distribution of Biopharma Products Feb 28/07
LifeSciences Exploring the first stage implementation results of Pfizer’s RFID Pilot Program
Speaker: Peggy Staver, Director of Trade Product Integrity, Pfizer
RFID for Pharma Feb 2/07
LifeSciences Exploring the first stage implementation results of Pfizer’s RFID Pilot Program
Speakers: Peggy Staver, Director of Trade Product Integrity, Pfizer
Gurdave Ahluwalia, Global Biopharma Program Manager, Intel
Tim Chandler, RFID Strategy Manager, Intel
RFID for Pharma Oct 10/06
LifeSciences Anti-Counterfeiting Drug Strategies
Speakers: Mr. Eshetu Wondemagegnehu Technical Officer & Focal Person for Counterfeit Drugs, Quality Assurance & Safety Medicines Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy World Health Organization
Dr. Peter Rost, VP, Marketing, Endocrine Care, Pfizer. (Dr. Rost speaks as a private citizen and does not represent Pfizer in his talk.)
Anti-Counterfeiting Drug Strategies Dec 10/04

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