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Xtalks Vitals Polls and Quizzes


Test Your Knowledge of Glaucoma

How much do you know about Glaucoma? Take this quiz to find out!


How Much Do You Know About Parkinson's Disease?

How much do you know about Parkinson's disease? Take this quiz to test your knowledge!

Where Does Your Business Fall Within the Maturity Model for Material Handling Systems?

How efficient are your workflow processes? Share your opinion in this poll!

Will the Trump Presidency be Good for the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Do you think President-Elect will be the pharmaceutical industry's friend, or foe?

Test Your Probiotics Knowledge!

How much do you know about probiotics? Test your knowledge by taking this quiz!


Part 3: Pharmaceutical Serialisation – Opportunities and Aggregation in the Future

Propel Medical Review with Guided Analytics

Do You Use Electronic Data Capture (EDC) For Serious Adverse Event (SAE) Reporting?

Do you use electronic data capture during clinical trials? Share your thoughts in this poll!

Do You Agree With The "Hygiene Hypothesis" Of Food Allergies?

Should children be exposed to common allergens?

Which Areas Of Drug Development Are You Involved With?

Are you involved in the early or later stages of drug development?

What The FDA's New Nutrition Facts Label Means for Food Manufacturers

What do you think about added sugars being required on FDA's new Nutrition Facts label?

Do You Think 3-D Printing Will Revolutionize Pharmaceutical Manufacturing?

Is 3-D printing technology beneficial to the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry?

What Do You Think About Direct-To-Consumer Advertising For Drugs And Medical Devices?

Share your opinion on DTC ads of prescription pharmaceuticals.

How Much Do You Know About NFPA 72 Guidelines On Mass Notification Systems?

Test your knowledge of the new NFPA 72 regulations and how they relate to mass notification systems.

How Much Do You Know About EMA Regulations?

Test your knowledge of EMA regulations and see if your EU clinical trial is ready for an EMA audit.

Where Are The Errors In Your Pharmaceutical Packaging Work Flow?

Is your pharmaceutical packaging technology working as it should?

What Was The Biggest Pharmaceutical News Story Of 2015?

Share your opinion on the top headline-making news stories of 2015.

Can Your Compounding Pharmacy Register As An Outsourcing Facility?

Take the test to determine if your pharmacy might qualify to register as an outsourcing facility.

Which Clinical Trials Career is Best Suited to You?

Are you well-suited for your chosen career in the clinical trials industry?

How Much Do You Know About Food Fraud?

How much do you know about counterfeiting in the food industry?

What Is Your Company's Major Concern During Clinical Trials?

Tell us what your company or organization's biggest concern is during clinical trials.

What Do You Know About Prescription Drug Abuse?

Find out how prevalent prescription drug abuse is, and test your knowledge on the latest statistics.

What Do You Know About New Japanese Medical Device Regulations?

Test your knowledge of the newest Japanese medical device regulations to ensure your manufacturer is compliant.

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