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Schizophrenia Trials:

Overcoming Methodological Challenges to Enhance Study Success


Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Time: 11am EST (NA) / 4pm GMT (UK) / 5pm CET (EU-Central)

Duration: 60 minutes

Featured Speaker:

The search continues for treatments that can target cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia (CIAS), as well as reduce positive and negative symptoms, in order to maximize long-term outcomes and quality of life for patients.

Despite considerable efforts by pharmaceutical companies, no novel mechanism has yet been approved for CIAS and there have been many late-stage failures, representing a major unmet therapeutic need in schizophrenia.

In this webinar, we will consider methodological improvements associated with recruiting patients into clinical trials, improving patient assessment and retention in trials, the use of cognitive biomarkers to guide decision making about the safety and efficacy of drugs and how to minimize the risk of placebo and practice effects in studies of schizophrenia.

By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • Methods to improve patient recruitment and in-trial retention
  • Key issues and considerations with the selection of endpoint measures in schizophrenia trials
  • Ways to accelerate decision making about safety and efficacy for CIAS treatments
  • Lessons learned from successes and failures in clinical studies and regulatory considerations

Keywords: Schizophrenia, Clinical Trials, Patient Recruitment


    Dr. Kiri Granger, Director of Neuroscience, Cambridge Cognition

    Dr. Kiri Granger leads a team of clinical scientists in providing end-to-end scientific consultancy and support to drug development companies for the optimisation of clinical trial design and the development of safe and effective treatments. As a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, Kiri also provides expertise in analyzing data and understanding cognitive change in the context of other clinical trial endpoints.

    Specialising in schizophrenia and anxiety disorders, Kiri's passion is to better understand the origins of symptom expression and optimizing the design of novel pharmacological and behavioural treatments. Her PhD research explored and refined cognitive endophenotypic markers of schizophrenia and anxiety at the University of Nottingham where she now holds an honorary position in the Department of Psychology.

    A message from Dr. Granger:

    I hope you will be able to attend and contribute to what will be an interactive and thought-provoking session in an area that I am extremely passionate about. I welcome you to ask questions before, during or after the event and to share your experiences and opinions in this critical field of research. Please feel free to contact me on Kiri.Granger@camcog.com and I look forward to speaking with you during the event.


    Executives, scientists and managers from pharma, biotech and CROs working in CNS drug development, including:

    • Strategic drug development
    • Clinical operations
    • Outsourcing and procurement
    • Clinical trial planning and optimization
    • Clinical scientists
    • Schizophrenia researchers

    Cambridge Cognition is a neuroscience digital health company which develops & markets gold standard medical software products and expert scientific services to accelerate the development of safe and effective treatments and quantify cognitive health in patients worldwide.

    The company provides products and services to the world's leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as globally renowned academic institutions.

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