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Healthcare Webinars - Archived

There are a wide range of topics covered under “healthcare” - from healthcare modeling and tissue tracking to data analytics and the healthcare supply chain. The healthcare webinars listed here are recordings of past events. Simply register, for free, for any webinar by clicking the download archive button on each webinar page. If “healthcare” is to broad a term, don’t forget, you can search our webinar catalog using the search bar, or, if you’re looking for something else, browse through our other topics.

  Synopsis Webinar Title Date

LifeScience - The speakers will share insight into how their joint, consultative approach to drug development can help in understanding the absorption and clearance characteristics of a drug substance and how these properties will influence dose prediction and selection of an appropriate formulation strategy
Speakers: Robert Harris, PhD, CChem, FRSC, Chief Technical Officer, Juniper Pharma Services
Graham Trevitt, PhD, Director (DMPK Consultancy, Modelling and Simulation), XenoGesis
The Importance of Dose Prediction for Early Drug Development Jul 6, 2017

LifeScience - Viewers will learn about the latest in vivo cancer pharmacology models, what to consider when choosing the proper model, and how these models are used to investigate combination regimens of multiple immuno-therapies and immunotherapeutics combined with other treatment modalities, which correspond to current clinical investigations
Speaker: Dr. Michelle Mack, Global Director, Scientific Engagement, Crown Bioscience Inc.
Are You Choosing the Right Model? A Guide to Selecting Your Next Immuno-Oncology Model Jun 22, 2017

LifeScience - Immune checkpoint inhibitors (including anti-CTLA-4 and anti-PD-1) have shown substantial clinical success in many cancers but have been linked to rare immune-related adverse events (irSAE)
Speakers: Joseph M. Beechem, PhD, Senior VP of Research & Development, NanoString Technologies
Justin Balko, PharmD, PhD,, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Cancer Biology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Quantitative Protein Profiling in FFPE to Characterize Toxicities Associated with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Jun 21, 2017

LifeScience - During this webinar, the speaker will describe Evotec’s medicinal chemistry and drug discovery philosophy
Speaker: Dr. Craig Johnstone, EVP, Global Head of Chemistry and Directeur General, Evotec France
Medicinal Chemistry Excellence – Efficient and Innovative Solutions for Superior Preclinical Candidates Jun 20, 2017

LifeScience - This webinar will provide an overview of the use of endpoints based on tumor measurements in cancer clinical trials
Speakers: Tomasz Burzykowski, PhD, VP Research, International Drug Development Institute (IDDI)
Everardo Saad, MD, Medical Director, International Drug Development Institute (IDDI)
Tumor-Size-Based Measurements as Endpoints in Cancer Clinical Trials Jun 15, 2017

LifeScience - This webinar will examine the use of targeted clinical strategies are as a critical step towards improving success rates
Speakers: Dr. Richard K. Harrison, Chief Scientific Officer, Clarivate Analytics
Gavin Coney, Head of Clinical Products, Clarivate Analytics
Dr. Lee Lancashire, Principal Research Scientist, Clarivate Analytics
The Evolving Utilization of Specific Biomarker Roles Within Trial Design Jun 15, 2017

LifeSciences - This webinar will discuss the why, where, when and how a rare disease drug is intended to be used subsequent to approval and the importance of beginning with the end in mind
Speakers: Cinzia Dorigo, PharmD, Executive Director, Clinical Development, INC Research
Alastair MacDonald, Executive Director, Real World & Late Phase, INC Research
Heather Medlin, Executive Director, Real World & Late Phase, INC Research
The Good, the Bad, the Necessary in Rare Disease Studies Jun 8, 2017

LifeSciences - Join us to learn best practices for developing early economic models to inform key strategic decisions
Speakers: Victoria Paly, MHS, Senior Health Economist, ICON
Dhvani Shah, MS, Lead Health Economist, ICON
Using Early Economic Models in Developing your Evidence Strategy Jun 7, 2017

LifeSciences - Join this webinar as Covance highlights proven solutions for overcoming the enormous challenge of study planning and patient recruitment and learn more about how the Covance informatics platform solves patient recruitment challenges by using strategic, evidence-based methodologies
Speakers: Pamela Atwell, Senior Director, Strategy and Planning, Oncology, Covance
Michelle Jones, Senior Director, Clinical Informatics, Clinical Business Informatics & Solutions, Covance
Evidence-Based Approaches for Accelerating Patient Enrollment in Oncology May 24, 2017

LifeSciences -  Promising approaches in immuno-oncology drug development include checkpoint inhibitors, antibody drug conjugates, autologous cellular immunotherapy, and oncolytic viruses. This webinar will explore each of these, along with challenges in researching these compounds and recommendations to improve your odds of success.
Speakers: Nina Baluja, Senior Medical Director, Medical Services, Premier Research
Luke Gill, Executive Director, Oncology, Strategic Development, Premier Research
Expanding the Potential of Immuno-Oncology Therapies May 23, 2017

LifeSciences - Diarrhea caused by bacterial, viral, and/or parasitic infection represents a significant worldwide healthcare burden. Rapid diagnostic tests for stool pathogens may provide a means to minimize the impact of this burden throughout the entire hospital.
Burt Lopansri, M.D., Chief, Intermountain Division of Infectious Diseases, Medical Director of Intermountain Central Laboratory, and Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Utah School of Medicine
Kevin McNabb, Ph.D., MT(ASCP), Director of Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Testing, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Services, New Hanover Regional Medical Center
Fecal Matters: Clinician and Laboratorian Perspective on Impact of Molecular GI Pathogen Testing May 18, 2017

LifeSciences - This presentation will discuss a few diagnostic and theranostic agents currently under development and in use from the lifecycle management perspective, discuss challenges, and the solutions to overcome them
Speakers: Prithul Bom, MBA, RAC, ASQ-CSQE, Senior Director of Scientific Affairs and Therapeutic Area Lead for Medical Devices & Diagnostics, Chiltern
Lisa Moore, RN, PhD, Executive Director, Medical Devices & Diagnostics Development, Chiltern
Jeffrey Joseph, Executive Director, Statistics, Chiltern
Imaging Diagnostics and Theranostics: Meeting Clinical Development Challenges May 17, 2017

LifeSciences - This webinar will discuss the role and relevance of cognitive endpoints in clinical trials to accelerate our understanding of cognitive dysfunction related to cancer and cancer treatments
Speaker: Jeffrey S. Wefel, PhD, ABPP, Section Chief and Associate Professor, Section of Neuropsychology, Department of Neuro-Oncology, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
The ABCs of Assessing Cognition in Oncology Clinical Trials: Applications, Benefits, and Considerations May 16, 2017

LifeSciences - In this live webinar, the speakers will outline both the importance of a coherent endpoint strategy as well as the importance of leveraging scientific leadership early-on in trial design
Speakers: Professor Christine Jenkins, Scientific Leader – Respiratory, George Clinical
Dr. Marisa Petersen, Associate Director, CEO, George Clinical
Respiratory Endpoints, Scientific Leadership and the Asia-Pacific Region May 16, 2017

LifeSciences - In this webinar, Dr. Gorski will present the development and utility of CrownBio’s unique continuum of translational platforms that model various aspects of diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and how such platforms are used to predict the efficacy and safety of anti-diabetic therapies in humans
Speaker: Dr. Judith Gorski, Global Director, Scientific Engagement, Crown Bioscience Inc.
Translational Platforms to Model Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes, and Diabetic Complications May 11, 2017

LifeSciences -  This webinar will provide an overview of the current use and potential of HTA as a component of clinical trials aimed at regulatory approval of novel agents in various medical fields, including the general concept of HTA and cost-effectiveness in healthcare
Speakers: Everardo Saad, MD, Senior Medical Expert, IDDI
Oriana Ciani, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Exeter Medical School; Research and Teaching Fellow, Centre for Research on Health and Social Care Management (CeRGAS), Bocconi University, Milan
Rod Taylor, MSc, PhD, Professor of Health Services Research, University of Exeter Medical School; Director, Exeter Clinical Trials Unit; Senior Investigator, National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), UK
Incorporating Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in Clinical Trials Feb 22, 2017

LifeSciences - Utilizing RAIN RFID technology and an automated healthcare tracking solution, hospitals can now improve inventory visibility delivering immeasurable savings
Alan Brander, National Vice President of Sales & Marketing, TrackCore, Inc.
Joe Pleshek, CEO & President, Terso Solutions, Inc.
Jason Merrill, Materials Manager Surgery Services, St. Dominic Hospital
Shelly Bosworth, BSN, RN, CNOR, Coordinator Orthopedics, North Kansas City Hospital
The Universal Tissue and Implant Tracking Solution Integrated with RAIN RFID to Streamline Manual Processes Oct 25, 2016

LifeSciences - Diarrheal illness will continue to be a burden to healthcare providers worldwide. Rapid diagnostic tests for stool pathogens may provide a means to minimize the impact of this burden throughout the entire hospital.
Speakers: Amanda T. Harrington, Ph.D., D(ABMM) , Director, Clinical Microbiology Service, Assistant Professor, Pathology, University of Illinois at Chicago
Jose Alexander, M.D., D(ABMM), SM, MB(ASCP), Microbiology Supervisor, Marin General Hospital, Greenbrae, California
Fecal Matters: Clinical Impact and Cost Effectiveness of Molecular GI Pathogen Testing Jun 29, 2016

LifeSciences - With a real-time healthcare system and the use of RFID-enabled solutions, imagine the possibilities that exist when all assets in your healthcare facility are connected
Speakers: Mark Van Sumeren, Managing Director, Health Industry Advisor, LLC
Joe Pleshek, CEO & President, Terso Solutions, Inc.
Improving the Operations and Delivery of Care through the Real-time Healthcare System Jun 9, 2016

LifeSciences - This webinar describes and explains pragmatic studies and discusses why key Late Stage stakeholders are increasingly interested in pragmatic studies – and why, nevertheless, pragmatic approaches are still relatively rare in the area of RWE
Speakers: Stuart McCully, PhD,,Vice President, Late Stage Support Services, inVentiv Health
Florian Eichmann, PhD, Principal, Scientific Affairs and Real World Evidence, Late Stage, inVentiv Health
Pragmatic Studies for Real World Evidence – Lifting the Veils Mar 17, 2016

LifeSciences - The speakers will discuss the best practices for justification, validation, and implementation of the Verigene Respiratory Pathogens Flex Test, Verigene Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Blood Culture Tests, and Verigene Enteric Pathogens Test.
Kevin McNabb, Ph.D., MT(ASCP), Director of Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Testing, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Services, New Hanover Regional Medical Center
Susan Sable, MT (ASCP), Manager, Microbiology and Molecular Department, Meridian Health at Jersey Shore University Medical Center
Kevin Alby, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Justification, Validation, and Implementation: Best Practices for Multiplex Molecular Infectious Disease Tests Feb 24, 2016

LifeSciences - This webinar discusses Data Sciences Analytics and the new Analytics Paradigm from an overall industry perspective along with a discussion of the MaxisIT Common Services Analytics Framework and Data Sciences Analytics Workbench functionality and how the it is used to oversee the presentation and availability of data that will support and drive Data Sciences initiatives across the Health Care & Life Sciences industries, including Predictive Analytics
Speakers: Patrick Zbyszewski, Executive Director of Project and Data Management, Onconova Therapeutics
Vipul Kashyap, Ph.D., Head, Product Strategy and Management, MaxisIT
Data Sciences – The New Analytics Paradigm Feb 10, 2016

LifeSciences - With the practical application of advanced data management capabilities and processes, meaningful analytics are now possible in the new world of converged health and life sciences
Speakers: Dan Soceanu, Senior Data Management Solution Architect, SAS
Bill Shimp, Healthcare Data Management Account Executive, SAS
Tame Your Health Data and Build Meaningful Analytics Nov 16, 2015

LifeSciences - This free webinar examines the nuances of successfully conducting hematological oncology clinical trials
Speakers: Ray Reilly, Senior Director, Oncology Division, Novella Clinical
Richard Gams, MD, Chief Scientific Officer, Novella Clinical
Achieving Effective Hematological Oncology Clinical Trials Nov 3, 2015

LifeSciences - This webinar will review the current guidelines for the management of septic patients and discuss the impact that rapid blood culture diagnostics are having on the clinician’s ability to manage patients with bloodstream infections and antimicrobial stewardship initiatives
Speakers: Marin H. Kollef, M.D., FACP, FCCP, Professor, Medicine, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Director, Medical Intensive Care Unit, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Director, Respiratory Care Services, Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Brad J. Crane, PharmD, BCPS, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Critical Care/Infectious Diseases, Director, Antimicrobial Stewardship Program, Blount Memorial Hospital
Each Hour Counts: Physician and Pharmacist Perspectives on the Value of Rapid Blood Culture Testing Oct 29, 2015

LifeSciences - This webinar will explore what’s happening in the payer space today, the impetus for this change, and the potential outlook of the health insurance landscape in the future
Speakers: Cathy Carroll, PhD, MA, MBA, BSPharm, Senior Director of Managed Markets/Market Access, Commercial Consulting, Xcenda
Nina Ohara, PharmD, MBA, MS, RPh, Director, Commercial Client Strategy Team, Xcenda
Insurance Megamergers: How Will They Impact Manufacturers’ Commercialization Strategy? Oct 15, 2015

LifeSciences - This webinar discusses metadata from an overall industry perspective along with a discussion of the MaxisIT In-Stream Metadata Repository which has been implemented and can support Semantic Search, Syntactical Metadata, and Full Versioning as an integral component of the process as associated with data harmonization, standardization, transformation, analytics & reporting, including more recent adaptations of metadata concepts such as Translational Medicine and Adaptive Trials
Speakers: Patrick Zbyszewski, Executive Director of Project and Data Management, Onconova Therapeutics
Jonathan Taylor, VP Global Product Strategy, MaxisIT
New Metadata Role for Life Sciences & Healthcare Sept 30, 2015

LifeSciences - This program will provide an important overview of the impacts and issues involved in leveraging the IoT within healthcare and clinical research in particular
Speakers: Eric Meslin, PhD, Director of the Indiana University Center for Bioethics, Dean for Bioethics, Indiana University School of Medicine
Jennifer Covich Bordenick, Co-Chair of the Federal HIT Policy Committee’s Strategy and Innovation Workgroup, CEO of eHealth Initiative
Marvin Slepian, MD, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of SynCardia Systems Inc., Founder and Director of The Arizona Center for Accelerated Biomedical Innovation
Megan Doerr, MS, CGC, Principal Scientist, Governance Team, Sage Bionetworks
Ellen Kelso, Executive Director Strategic Development, ChesapeakeIRB
The "Internet of Things" and Clinical Research: Privacy, Security, and Ethical Aspects Sept 28, 2015

LifeSciences - This webinar will show how Tissue Phenomics® can be utilized to identify previously undiscovered prognostic and predictive image-based features or combinations of features for patient stratification
Speaker: Peter Caie, PhD, Senior Research Fellow in Quantitative and Systems Pathology, University of St Andrews
Applying Tissue Phenomics® to Clinical Questions for Patient Stratification Sept 23, 2015
This webinar will discuss how rapid molecular stool pathogen diagnostic testing may minimize the burden of diarrheal illness throughout the entire hospital and to healthcare providers worldwide
Speakers: David Peaper, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine, Yale School of Medicine; Director of Clinical Microbiology Laboratory, Yale-New Haven Hospital; and Director of Virology Reference Laboratory, VA Connecticut Healthcare System
Marilyn Mitchell, MT(ASCP)MS, Microbiology Supervisor, Community Regional Medical Center, Fresno, California
Molecular Testing for GI Pathogens: Cost-Effectiveness, Clinical Impact and Lab Implementation Feb 18, 2015
This interactive webinar will look at changing the conversation from one of engagement to collaboration with both patients and patient influencers
Speakers: Amy Parke, VP Integrated Marketing Communications, Ashfield Healthcare Communications
Nareda Mills BScN, RN, AE-C, VP, Nursing Services, Ashfield Healthcare
Navigating the Optimal Patient Journey to Treatment Success Feb 5, 2015
The presenters will follow an imaginary high-value, temperature-sensitive healthcare shipment from the moment the products are loaded into your trucks for delivery
Speakers: Douglas Braund, Manager, Security, FedEx Custom Critical
Chris Swearingen, Marketing Manager, SenseAware, powered by FedEx
Identifying and Preventing Security Vulnerabilities and Temperatrue Excursions in Your Clinical Supply Chain Oct 23/14
The objective of this webinar is to review types of datasets commonly used in this field, discuss potential pros & cons of each type depending on research question, and identify other key considerations
Speaker: Pamela Landsman-Blumberg, MPH, DrPH, Director, Xcenda
Leveraging ‘Big Data’ - Methodological Considerations in Health Services Research Aug 21/14
In this short, 40 minute webinar viewers will learn about how the Archimedes Model was applied by Eli Lilly and Company to prioritize early stage compounds for development
Speaker: Badri Rengarajan, MD, Medical Director, Archimedes, Inc.
Market Access and Pipeline Development – How Healthcare Modeling Can Make a Difference Nov 22/13
Government/Healthcare - During this demonstration, the presenters will address the following in terms of their impact on health, quality of life, and medical costs: 1) Prioritization of healthcare prevention activities 2) Identification of wellness programs 3) Comparison of supplemental care management guidelines
Speakers: Roshan Shah, Manager of Client Services, Archimedes, Inc.
Badri Rengarajan, MD, Medical Director, Archimedes, Inc.
Hands-on Healthcare Simulations in Government Sep 19/13
Healthcare Healthcare/Life Sciences - Learn how technology can assist VAMC’s & Hospital’s to not only meet regulatory requirements, but also provide savings and patient safety
Speakers: Alan J. Brander, RN BSN BSW MBA CHE HACP, Vice President of National Sales & Clinical Services, LPIT Solutions
Alisa Riebe, Terso Solutions, Inc.
Using RFID Technology to Compliantly Track Tissue and Implants Aug 22/13
LifeSciences Government/Healthcare - Optimal decision making in healthcare requires the ability to make accurate forecasts of the consequences of various clinical or policy options. This webinar will focus on the use of simulation modeling as a tool for making forecasts.
Speaker: Mark S. Roberts, MD, MPP Professor and Chair, Department of Health Policy and Management, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, Professor of Medicine, Industrial Engineering and Clinical and Translational Science
Data Analytics and Modeling for Better Decisions in Government Healthcare Jul 10/13
LifeSciences Healthcare/SupplyChain - An examination of recent advances in medical device technology, surgical procedures and tissue preservation that are revolutionizing the health care industry
Speakers: Peter Casady, CEO & President, Champion Medical Technologies
Joe Pleshek, CEO & President,Terso Solutions, Inc.
Best Practices for Tracking Tissue in the Healthcare Supply Chain May 23/13
LifeSciences Healthcare/Life Sciences - Optimizing patient flow through the hospital is a key strategic initiative being implemented across many hospitals in an effort to add value and eliminate waste. However, the availability of macro-level analytic tools to guide these key strategic decisions is lacking. Carilion Clinic developed a discrete-event computer simulation (DES) model to replicate patient flow from hospital admission to discharge.
Speaker: Jim Montgomery, MHA, FACHE, CSSBB, Carilion Clinic
Carilion Clinic: Hospital Patient Flow Optimization Decision Support Tool Nov 29/12
Healthcare Healthcare/Supply Chain/RFID - This presentation will discuss best practices in laboratory automation and the benefits of RFID for laboratory inventory management
Speaker: Tim Sheehy, Global Director of Genomics, Promega Corporation
Best Practices in Laboratory Automation Aug 16/12
LifeSciences Life Sciences/Healthcare - This webinar will provide an overview of simulation modeling and how it can be used to improve clinical development efforts, including enhancing choice of target population, powering, and operational feasibility, as well as understanding performance in real-world settings
Speaker: Badri Rengarajan, MD, Medical Director, Archimedes Inc.
Simulation Modeling for Optimizing Design of Clinical Trials and Registries Mar 20/12
SupplyChain Manufacturing/Supply Chain - This session will help you understand supply chain issues surrounding consignment inventory, and offer real world examples of how RFID solutions have helped many organizations take control of their consignment inventory
Speakers:Jason Rosemurgy, Global Sales Director, Terso Solutions, Inc.
Patrick C. McCarthy, Esq., CEO, Validiti LLC
RFID: Removing the Complexity of Managing Consignment Inventory Sep 22/11
Healthcare Healthcare/Life Sciences - In this webinar David Eddy, MD. PhD. will demonstrate ARCHeS Innovator, a software as a service (SaaS) that enables researchers and decision makers to use many of the capabilities of the Archimedes Model over the web
Speaker: David M. Eddy, MD, PhD, Founder and Chief Medical Officer Emeritus, Archimedes
DEMO: ARCHeS Innovator May 31/11
Healthcare Healthcare/Life Sciences - In this webinar, David Eddy MD. PhD will provide an detailed overview of Individualized Guidelines, how they compare to traditional population based guidelines, and how their use can improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs
Speaker: David M. Eddy, MD, PhD, Founder and Chief Medical Officer Emeritus, Archimedes
Individualized Guidelines: The Potential for Increasing Quality and Reducing Costs May 16/11
SupplyChain Manufacturing/Supply Chain - Learn the basics of a hosted RFID Inventory Management solution, how to integrate with existing systems to significantly reduce costs, and how to reduce the risks usually associated with RFID Inventory Management projects
Speakers:Joe Pleshek, President and CEO, Terso Solutions, Inc.
Nathan Cowan, General Manager of Global Sales, HubSpan
Tracy Hillstrom, Sr. Product Line Manager, Impinj, Inc.
Understanding RFID in the “Cloud”: A Look at the Future of RFID Software Dec 9/10
Healthcare Healthcare/Life Sciences - Archimedes has created a web application which enables anyone to analyze and share simulation datasets produced by the Archimedes Model. During this webinar Dr. David Eddy will show why the Outcomes Analyzer is essential for anyone interested in understanding future health and cost issues and especially recommended for those interested in cardiovascular risk, obesity, and diabetes complications.
Speaker: David M. Eddy, MD, PhD, Founder and Chief Medical Officer Emeritus, Archimedes
DEMO: The Archimedes Outcomes Analyzer Oct 28/10
Healthcare Healthcare/Life Sciences - In this webinar Dr. Eddy will describe and illustrate data sources and methods for deriving equations for physiological pathways and the occurrence of diseases, as well as methods for validating the equations
Speaker:David M. Eddy, MD, PhD, Founder and Chief Medical Officer Emeritus, Archimedes
Healthcare Modeling Part 5: How the Archimedes Model Works – Derivation of Equations Oct 6/10
Healthcare Healthcare/Manufacturing - This webinar will review the resources available to medical developers to help create differentiated products and accelerate their time to market, including TI’s MSP430’s diverse portfolio of 16-bit ultra-low-power microcontrollers
Speaker:Rajesh Verma, Business Development Manager, Texas Instruments
Supporting Portable Medical and Instrumentation Design with the World’s Lowest Power Microcontroller Sep 14/10
BusinessStrategy BusinessStrategy/Healthcare/Marketing - Market Planning in 2010 and Beyond – Scientific approaches to optimizing the placement of facilities, physicians and services
Speakers: Alan A. Ayers, MBA, MAcc, Vice President of Strategy and Execution, Concentra Health Services, Inc.
Matthew P. Montgomery, Senior Vice President, Buxton
Optimizing Locations For Your Facilities, Physicians and Services Apr 21/10
Marketing Media & Marketing/Healthcare/IT/HR - Learn how you can use strategically placed digital video screens to deliver the right message at the right time to visitors and employees in a single building or in multiple facilities spread over a large geographic area
Speakers: George Borden, National Sales Manager, Black Box Network Services
Steve Acquista, Director of Digital Signage, Black Box Network Services
Motivate, Educate, and Compel Your Audience - Put the Power of Digital Signage to Work for You Mar 30/10
Healthcare Healthcare/Life Sciences - In this webinar Dr Eddy will explain how the Archimedes Model is formulated, how physiology is modeled, how patient behavior is modeled, sources and methods for deriving equations, how utilization and costs are calculated, and how the Model is validated
Speaker:David M. Eddy, MD, PhD, Founder and Chief Medical Officer Emeritus, Archimedes
Healthcare Modeling Part 4: How the Archimedes Model Works and is Validated Feb 11/10
Healtchare Healthcare/Supply Chain - RFID - Driving Collaboration With Suppliers and Providers: The presentations in this web seminar will highlight the emerging trends, business cases and application of RFID technologies that are driving a holistic collaboration between all healthcare supply chain stakeholders
Speakers: Joe Pleshek, President and CEO, Terso Solutions
Reik Read, Managing Director and Senior Supply Chain Analyst, Robert W. Baird & Co.
Hanns-Christian L. Hanebeck, Vice President, Professional Services, Venture Research Inc.
Michael McCartney, Managing Principal, QLM Consulting
Real Time Visibility for Healthcare Supply Chains Dec 9/09
GreenEnterprise Green Enterprise - Our panel from URSCorp discusses lessons learnt critical to successful LEED certification, including: Starting early; Ensuring thorough documentation and specification; Persistently tracking progress throughout design and construction.
Speakers: Ryan Archer, Sustainable Designer; Angela Rivera, Sustainable Designer;
Danette Hauck, Mechanical Engineer / Project Manager
LEED Certification - Important Lessons Learned November 12/09
Healthcare Healthcare/Life Sciences - Healthcare Modeling is explained using the Archimedes Model, including its importance in defining inclusion and exclusion criteria to lower the risk of failure in clinical trials
Speaker: Peter Alperin, M.D., Medical Director, Archimedes
Healthcare Modeling Part 3: Cost Effectiveness of Personalized Medicine Sep 22/09
GreenEnterprise Green Enterprise/Healthcare/Government - Through project examples our panel will illustrate its multi-disciplinary approach to the successful implementation of sustainable and holistic strategies on several projects
Speakers: Jeff Hammond, Senior Architect, Facility Planning and Development Department, Spectrum Health
Ryan Archer (Sustainable Designer), Angela Rivera (Sustainable Designer), Mark Wutz (Sr. Mechanical Engineer), URS Corporation
Cost- Effective Green Building Strategies: Healthcare and Federal Government Applications Mar18/09
Healthcare Healthcare - Healthcare Modeling is explained using the Archimedes Model, including its importance in defining inclusion and exclusion criteria to lower the risk of failure in clinical trials
Speaker: Peter Alperin, M.D., Medical Director, Archimedes
Healthcare Modeling Part 2: Simulation Modeling in Clinical Trial Design Jan 21/09
Healthcare Healthcare - This webinar provides an overview of EVIDEM concept, platform and tools in the context of current challenges in healthcare decisionmaking. EVIDEM was developed to support transparent and efficient decisionmaking through systematic assessment of evidence and values of healthcare interventions.
Speakers: Mireille M. Goetghebeur, PhD, VP Operations, and Donna Rindress, PhD, President & Managing Director, BioMedCom Consultants Inc.
Co-presenters: Dr. Cheri Deal, Professor of Pediatrics and Program Director, Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes, University of Montreal/Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Ste-Justine, Canada
Dr. Jacqui Miot, Division Manager, Health Economics Unit, Discovery Health, Johannesburg, South Africa
Dr. Paul Oh, Medical Director Cardiac Rehab Program, Toronto, Canada
EVIDEM: Transparent Approaches to Healthcare Decisionmaking Dec 4/08
Healthcare Healthcare - Healthcare Modeling is explained using the Archimedes Model, a rigorously validated, mathematical model of human physiology, diseases, interventions, and healthcare systems
Speaker: Peter Alperin, M.D., Medical Director, Archimedes
Healthcare Modeling Part 1: What If Patients Listened to Their Doctors? Nov 19/08
Healthczre Healthcare/Supply Chain -This webinar will provide you with the full RTLS picture, including detailed knowledge of ROI opportunities attainable with the right RTLS solutions. Featuring a case study presentation from Seton Medical Center.
Speakers: Terry Aasen, President & CEO, Sonitor Technologies
Jeffrey Falwell, Senior Project Consultant, Seton Medical Center / Dell Professional Services
Cathy Cocco, Business Development Executive, Sensors and Actuators Emerging Business Opportunity Group, IBM Healthcare & Life Sciences
USID - The Accurate RTLS Alternative to RFID Oct 21/08
SupplyChain Supply Chain/Healthcare - This webinar features a series of case study presentations on the use of this RFID technology to automate the tracking of high value items at the point-of-use, and a discussion of the key things companies should consider before implementing a RFID cabinet or freezer solution
Speakers: Chris Fennig, ODIN technologies
Gordon Hamnett, Director of Global Development, Promega Corporation
Ryan Butterick, Global Inventory Planning Manager, Medtronic, Inc.
Dr. Adam Janette, San Luis Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Implant Center
Joe Pleshek, Director of Business Development, Sales, Terso Solutions
Using RFID Cabinets and Freezers to Protect and Manage High-Value Inventory Oct 2/08
IT Healthcare/IT -Join a panel of industry experts for an engaging 1-hour e-seminar to gain a better understanding of the best practices that will simplify your TJC Readiness efforts, while establishing an automated clinical IT governance, risk, and compliance (IT GRC) foundation for delivery of high quality care
Speakers: Paul Reymann, CEO, ReymannGroup
Mary Berkman, Senior Healthcare Consultant, ReymannGroup
Jim Stickley, CTO & Co-Founder, TraceSecurity, and internationally renowned security expert, regularly featured on The Today Show, CNBC, and author of the upcoming book The Truth About Identity Theft
Dariel LeBeouf, SVP Communications and Education Services TraceSecurity
Five Information Management Best Practices for Enabling The Joint Commission Readiness Review in 2009 Sep 16/08
IT IT/Security/Healthcare - Security and Compliance – Today’s Biggest Buzz Words in IT
Speakers: Brian Shellock, I/S Security Analyst, Lehigh Valley Hospital
A.N. Ananth, President & CEO, Prism Microsystems, Inc.
From the Trenches: How One Organization Approaches Today’s Security and Compliance Challenges with Log Management Sep 11/08
IT Healthcare/Wireless construction - Providing Your Clients With a Comprehensive Blueprint For In-building Wireless
Speakers: Bill Holman, Senior Vice President, Sales, InnerWireless, Inc.
Steve Tobin, Analyst, Frost & Sullivan
Kathi Cox, Manager, Information Services, Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas
The Competitive Advantage in Healthcare Construction Sep 4/08
IT Healthcare - Preventing Medical ID Theft
Speakers: John C. Wade, Vice President, former CIO, Saint Luke’s Health System
Richard J. Carroll, Senior Director, Healthcare IT Infrastructure, ARINC, Inc.
Identity Management for the Healthcare Enterprise Oct 18/07
LifeSciences Life Sciences - Our speakers will explore the opportunities and perspectives of personalized medicine and discuss what is required on the pharmaceutical and diagnostics part to make this model successful and practical for the society
Speakers: Dr. Raymond Woosley, MD, PhD, President and CEO, The Critical Path Institute
Mara G. Aspinall, President, Genzyme Genetics
Wayne Rosenkrans, Business Strategy Director External Scientific Affairs, Co-Chair Personalized Medicine Coalition, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Elaine Weidenhammer, Associate Director, Strategic Market Development, Nanogen
Annette K. Taylor, M.S., Ph.D., President and CEO, Kimball Genetics
Personalized Medicine: Realizing the Full Potential May 30/07
LifeSciences Life Sciences/Healthcare - Strategies for accelerating patient recruitment
Speaker: Jim Kremidas, Global Enrollment Optimization, Eli Lilly
Peter DiBiaso, MHA, Director, Worldwide Development Operations, Pfizer Global Research & Development
Kenneth J. Tomaszewski, PhD, MS, SVP, Healthcare Research, Harris Interactive
Gail Adinamis, President, CEO, Clinical Resource Network, Inc.
Taking Clinical Trials and Patient Recruitment Global Nov 14/06
IT Healthcare - Maintaining continuous HIPAA compliance through effective monitoring and auditing practices
Speakers: Cathy Gorman-Klug, Corporate Director, Privacy and Data Security, Meridian Health
Mike Koclanes, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Chief Strategy Officer, Plasmon
Mike Koclanes, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Chief Strategy Officer, PlasmoDavid Smith, Senior Compliance Analyst, Symantecn
HIPAA Oct 16/06
IT Healthcare - Join us as we present the new frontier of Health and Productivity Management as a strategic business investment and the new tool to control our health care crisis
Speakers: Dr. Pamella Thomas, Director Wellness and Health Promotion, Lockheed Martin
Dr. Bruce Hochstadt, National Health Management Practice Leader for Buck Consultants
Samira Kaderali, Senior Consultant and National Practice Leader, Health & Welfare, Canada
Workplace Wellness Feb 8/06

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