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Benefits of Partnership
Benefits of Partnership

What Can I Expect
from a Partnership
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New to Webinars?
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Benefits of a Partnership

Xtalks’ turnkey webinar solution has been developed to connect service providers with decision makers across pharma, biotech, food and life science communities, worldwide. Here is what makes our service stand out from the crowd.
Webinar Focused
We're 100% Webinar Focused.
Unlike other media sites, Xtalks functions primarily as a webinar information resource for our members. We also have more than a decade of experience producing and marketing webinars, so we have the most qualified team in the business.

Tailor Webinar Campaigns
We Tailor Your
Webinar Campaign.
Are you looking to generate quality leads, re-qualify existing contacts, or increase your global reach? We know how to best position these priorities for a webinar and will tailor your campaigns accordingly.

 Get Leads Maximize Reach &
Get Qualified Leads.
For each webinar, we narrowcast to your intended audience using our extensive database while using outreach tactics to find you an even larger qualified audience. Learn more.

Third Party Positioning
Get Third-Party Positioning & Thought Leadership.
Today’s most useful tool. Since the Xtalks sponsorship program is selective, hosting a webinar through Xtalks lends your organization thought leadership and added credibility.

Level Playing Field
We Level the Playing
Field for You.
Unlike a tradeshow, where larger budgets can have a larger impact, having a platform on Xtalks.com evens the playing field. As a SME, you get equal share-of-voice on Xtalks.com. Let your expertise be the focus of your efforts, and leave the rest to us.

Guaranteed Results
Guaranteed Results with
Outstanding Customer Service.
We guarantee our results and have an outstanding customer service team. We’re able to identify and anticipate your needs, be flexible, dependable, and are attentive to every detail of your campaign. See our client testimonials.

What We Do For You
At Xtalks, our priority is to understand what motivates an industry professional to register for a webinar and pass the benefit of our expertise on to our Xtalks partners. After partnering with Xtalks, we’ll take you through the complete life-cycle for each of your webinars:

1. Pre-Webinar Planning & Marketing
We go far and beyond what most media companies do for your webinars. In fact, we guarantee it (find out more). Constructing & executing a marketing plan for your webinars is vital. That’s why we provide guidance to ensure that your webinar content is positioned appropriately, and compliments your own marketing strategy.

Contact us to learn how we execute your
10-point integrated webinar marketing campaign.
2. Live Webinar Hosting Live Webinar Hosting
We provide turnkey operational support to ensure Xtalks partners deliver a technically flawless and professional webinar. We take care of all details including:
  • The webtest: We prepare your team for the live webinar
  • Registrant reminders
  • Managing data collection & organization
  • Providing our webinar moderators for live broadcasts
  • Managing all technical details involved in production
  • Orchestrating a live Q&A with your presenter
3. Recorded Webinar Hosting & Marketing    Hosting Webinar
Receiving a return on investment doesn’t end after the live webinar is complete. Xtalks hosts and markets your recorded archive, post event, so you continue to develop and secure leads well after you’ve completed the webinar.

We provide links to your entire library of recorded events for free on each page dedicated to your recorded webinars. This way a webinar registrant has easy access to all of your events with one click.

4. Robust Reporting Robust Reporting  
We give you advanced webinar analytics reports for each event. Our custom reports will give you easy insights to identify your most promising prospects. You’ll gain:
  • Customized webinar registration data
  • Live registrant information (including: questions asked, polling answers, resources downloaded, and more)
  • Recorded webinar registration data
  • Want real-time reporting? Ask us for a list of our marketing platform integrations.

Testimonials and Partner Perspectives

Download Case Study  Download a Case Study.
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