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Why Host a Webinar?

Over the past decade, webinars have become recognized as, arguably, the best way to reach and engage an audience. At Xtalks.com, Pharma, Biotech, Food and Other Life Science Industries have truly embraced webinars as a tool-of-choice for marketers.
Webinar as Lead Nurturing

Over 60% of B2B Marketers

are using webinars as part of a lead nurture campaign.
Webinars as content marketing

Approximately 2/3rds of B2B Marketers

declare that webinars are the most effective or among the top content marketing strategies available.
The Effectiveness of a Webinar
Webinars are advantageous to marketers for many reasons:
An Immersive Content Experience
Your audience interacts thoroughly with you for 60 minutes. You won’t find that with a banner advertisement click or tradeshow booth visit.

Time Efficient
For both organizers and audience members - webinars are the best use of your time to learn or distribute content.

Greater Reach
No travel necessary. Even available on mobile devices, webinars are easy way to view content. 

Supplementary Content Delivery
Files, videos, links and other handouts can be distributed and tracked with calls to action during the webinar.
Enhanced Interactivity
Live Q&As, poll questions and surveys are part of almost every Xtalks webinar.

Exceptional ROI
With no need for travel costs, booth setup, or low lead-scoring advertisements, webinars are extremely cost effective. Contact us to learn more.

A Clearer Way to Share Solutions
Trying to communicate a complex product or service can be very difficult while trying to retain attention. Webinars are a fantastic way to get your message across to an audience.

Thought Leadership
Webinars are perhaps the best method to attain thought leadership in the marketplace. By partnering with a third-party, you'll attain the credibility you need to stay relevant.
Where do Webinars Fit in Your Marketing Funnel?
Marketing Funnel
Webinars should be used in all stages of a sales-cycle to generate brand-presence, influence decisions, and close sales.You may want to consider content that targets different aspects of your marketing funnel:

Generate Awareness of a Need:
Define industry trends, problems, and perspectives

Provide Data for Research and Exploration:
Define pitfalls, solutions, client stories

Give Data for Comparison:
Reveal case studies, methods, details

Influence Final Purchase Decisions:
Detail additional case studies, handouts, advantages, deep Q&A

As a pioneer in field of webinar production and audience building, Xtalks is the first-choice solution for many leading service providers from Pharma/Biotech, Medical Device, Food and Life Science Industries.

Learn More about Xtalks.

 people Xtalks in a Nutshell. 

The Xtalks’ webinar library boasts the world’s most comprehensive collection of on-demand Food, Drug and Life Science presentations. These live & interactive or recorded webinars can be accessed online by anyone with a computer or hand-held device.

Every year tens of thousands of industry professionals from Food, Drug, Medical Devices, Healthcare and R&D attend our live webinars and access our recorded content.

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